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May 22 2024

Hormone Treatments in Seattle Public Schools

In case any parents were short on reasons to keep their kids out of public schools:

Neighborcare Health, a healthcare organization that runs clinics in middle and elementary schools in the Seattle Public Schools district, announced in January 2023 that hormone treatments were now included in the “gender-affirming care” it could offer.

The point of these treatments is to disrupt the normal maturation of a child in an attempt to support the psychotic delusion that they are members of the opposite sex.

The offerings mark one of the boldest efforts to create what Manhattan Institute Fellow Leor Sapir has dubbed the “school-to-clinic pipeline” whereby young school children are encouraged to undergo irreversible medical interventions that seek to change their sex.

The sex change procedure will supposedly only be offered with parental approval. However, by now we are familiar with the incremental strategy from which progressives take their name.

The company defended its decision to offer cross-sex hormone therapy to children in a comment to The Daily Wire, claiming that it was a form of “life-saving care.”

Leftists frequently recite the lie that inflicting sex change procedures on the mentally disturbed makes them less likely to commit suicide. The reverse is true.

It isn’t just Seattle. Public schools in Los Angeles and Chicago have conspired with medical facilities to subject children to transgenderism.

When you send your kids off to school in the morning, you are entrusting the institution with not only their education but their physical safety. Considering that public schools are controlled by moonbats, this is not wise.

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