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Aug 09 2022

How Joe Manchin Gets Elected in West Virginia

Only a traitor or a leftist kook would support the crippling $750 billion Inflation Amplification Act, which will drive inflation into the stratosphere by wasting vast fortunes on useless green posturing that will have no effect whatsoever on the supposedly problematic weather (in addition to hiring an unreal 87,000 IRS agents). The inevitable effect of this blowout tax-and-spend binge on an economy already reduced to stagflation by Democrat policy is so obvious as to qualify as economic sabotage. Yet Joe Manchin gets himself elected in based West Virginia. Here’s how:

Manchin … received approximately $6.1 million from individual donors who gave more than $200 in aggregate to his campaign between January 2021 and June 30, 2022, according to Federal Elections Commission (FEC) filings.

Of that total, only about $65,000 donations came from individuals residing in West Virginia, while over $6 million came from individuals in other states.

The Founding Fathers intended for Senators to be elected by state legislatures, so they would represent state governments as a brake on centralized tyranny. Progressives did away with that with the 17th Amendment. Now Senators represent whoever has the money. The Party of Big Government is also the Party of Big Money.

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