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Aug 07 2022

How the IRS Spends the Money Dems Give It

As part of its latest hyperinflationary tax-and-spend blowout, the Party of Big Government is spending a staggering $80 BILLION to supersize the IRS, the better to separate us from the wealth we create. A story from June indicates how the politicized and weaponized IRS will spend our money.

According to Rep Matt Gaetz (R-FL), the IRS spent about $700,000 on ammunition in March through May of this year.

Gaetz described the ammunition acquisition as “bizarre.” …

He painted a dire scenario where the government reduces ammunition production “and, on the other hand, [soaks] up the supply of it.”

If the insolently misnamed “Inflation Reduction Act” becomes law, the IRS will be in a position to really stock up on ammo.

Meanwhile, the House Judiciary Committee just passed an “assault weapons” bill that infringes on our Constitutional right to bear arms by banning not only America’s rifle but also many pistols and shotguns.

People who do not mean you well are disarming you while arming themselves to the teeth. This is ominous, to put it mildly.

If letting the likes of Biden take power leads to Americans machine-gunned into trenches, it won’t be as if we couldn’t see it coming. But don’t worry; they will only shoot racists and climate deniers.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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