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Apr 18 2024

Human Waste as Sustainable Aviation Fuel

We can’t use readily available fossil fuels, because they are said to be offensive to the atavistic weather gods worshiped by liberals. We can’t use clean and affordable nuclear power, because libs don’t like that either. Wind and solar are great for laundering taxpayer money, but are not capable of generating more than a small fraction of our energy needs. What then can we use to keep the lights on, wheels rolling, and jets in the air? Moonbats have the answer. It is something they can supply in great abundance — because they are full of it:

Wizz Air is making waves with its recent announcement that up to 10% of its flights could be powered by sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) derived from human waste by 2030. In an innovative approach to tackling the dual challenges of waste management and sustainable air travel, the Hungarian budget airline is joining forces with UK-based Firefly to transform sewage sludge into a biofuel that could see passengers flying on planes powered by an unusual source—human feces.

They ought to use urine, considering the name of the airline.

So long as moonbats remain in charge, the biofuel will pile up ever deeper:

The bold move by Wizz Air comes amid increasing pressure from the EU for airlines to adapt to more sustainable practices, with a mandate requiring a minimum of 20% of jet fuel to qualify as SAF by 2035, escalating to 70% by 2050.

In the USA, this form of biofuel is already heavily subsidized, although for now it is mostly used in academia rather than energy production.

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