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Nov 20 2021

If Kyle Rittenhouse Were Black

The ones running the NBA are not the only vicious moonbats enraged because an innocent boy will not have his life destroyed for daring to defend it from leftist rioters. The entire liberal establishment is fit to be tied — or more appropriately, fit to be put in a straitjacket in a quiet room with padded walls.

The desperately flailing media has resorted to the preposterous talking point that the railroading of Kyle Rittenhouse would have succeeded if only he were black. On the contrary, the railroading never would have been attempted.

According to the liberal narrative, blacks are punished excessively for the crimes they commit, which is why we need to tear down the entire system and construct a new one along the lines of the USSR. In reality, our criminal justice system treats few if any blacks as harshly as it did Kyle Rittenhouse, who was subjected to his ordeal because he is a white guy seen by leftists as an opponent of Black Lives Matter.

Timothy Simpkins is only the most obvious recent example. Mark Dice has more on the kid gloves black criminals are often handled with in the real world outside of the liberal media bubble:

Like many of the lies fed to us by the liberal media, the idea that Kyle Rittenhouse got away with murder because he is white is the polar opposite of the truth. He did not commit murder, and was persecuted anyway in the name of an ideology centered on hatred of whites. Amy Swearer rips their phony narrative to shreds in the thread below:

They go way beyond merely being wrong. Dice is precisely correct when he states in the video above that the radicals running the liberal media establishment are evil. The silver lining to Kyle Rittenhouse being put through hell by these fiends is that it has helped to make this obvious to the general public.

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