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Dec 07 2023

Illegal Aliens Leave National Monument Buried in Feces

Nothing symbolizes leftist rule like a national monument buried in the feces of the Third World hordes imported to displace us:

The Organ Pipe National Monument, which preserves an area of the Sonoran desert inhabited by several endangered species, has been overrun by migrants waiting along the border wall to turn themselves [in to] federal law enforcement authorities.

Needless to say, invaders would not wait to be escorted into the country they are conquering were our government on our side rather than theirs.

Reports former Immigration and Customs Enforcement field office director John Fabbricatore:

“The border crisis has become an environmental crisis for the Organ Pipe National Monument. The amount of trash and feces that litter the park has become a health and safety concern.”

You can see why he no longer holds his position. Fabbricatore has not gotten with the program. The beautiful Sonoran Desert, like the American nation, has been deemed expendable.

Pearl Harbor was bad enough. In terms of long-term damage to the country, what Democrats are doing to us is worse:

These are our future slavemasters. They will enslave us via the welfare state, thereby achieving greater power for the Democratic Party.

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