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Apr 03 2024

Imaginary Climate Crisis Is “White Man-Made”

You can’t blame liberals for largely basing their ideology on hatred of white men. After all, it was white men who caused the climate to continue fluctuating the way it always has and always will. Just ask UN climate advisor Ayisha Siddiqa:

Only when white guys have been put in their place so they can’t oppress black trans women will the planet achieve climate stasis.

The United Nations proudly presents the bio of a bigot:

Ayisha Siddiqa (United States) is a Pakistani-American human rights and tribal land defender. … Her work focuses on uplifting the rights of marginalized communities while holding polluting companies accountable at the international level. She is currently a research scholar at NYU School of Law, university working to bridge the environmental and human rights sector with the youth climate movement. Ayisha was recently named a Time magazine Woman of the Year.

If you are a US taxpayer, you pay Ayisha to hate whites because the weather. This is among the countless reasons the UN building must be bulldozed into the East River, preferably while full of moonbats.

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