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Jan 19 2024

Intersectional Brick Lady Busted for Hoax

To maximize hoax remuneration, it helps to have a collection of favored identities. For example, Roda Osman presents herself as a black Muslim single mother. Warning: despite living in a society eager to believe them, sometimes even the most intersectionally oppressed get busted:

A Houston woman who claimed a man assaulted her with a brick has been accused of lying – and raking in $40,000 through a fraudulent GoFundMe campaign.

Roda Osman, 33, who earned the moniker ‘Brick Lady’ on social media, has been charged with felony theft by deception.

This wasn’t Roda’s first trip to the well. She pulled something similar in Minneapolis 3 years earlier:

That campaign was titled ‘Help Black Muslim Mother Pay Her Medical Bill’ and claimed a ‘young Black Muslim single mother’ was attacked by private security, leaving her with bruises, a black eye and injuries to her leg.

‘She needs an estimated $5K to pay for medical bills, legal fees and a new phone and more,’ the page read.

The Minneapolis Police Department said it had not received reports of Osman being assaulted in 2020. The last contact the department had with Osman was in 2012 for public lewdness and disorderly conduct.

What might have been a simple scam became a hate hoax when Houston police smelled a rat and Osman responded by implicating sceptics in her oppression:

In another video, after Houston Police had been investigating the alleged scam, Osman made an announcement with the caption, “Help me hold Houston police department accountable.” …

“They want to let all gendered oppressed people know, that if you ever speak out, you will be punished and you will be punished badly,” Osman said about others online who were calling out the allegedly fraudulent GoFundMe page.

In a society that rewards sniveling victims, people will achieve victimhood to snivel about by any means necessary.

On tips from Ed McAninch and WDS 2.0.


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