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Jan 28 2022

Is Putin Really the Enemy?

Largely to distract attention from Biden’s disastrous presidency, the media has been working itself into hysterics demonizing Russia again. Liberals will never forgive the country for rejecting communism. It is certainly true that Putin is our adversary and not a guy we should trust. But in the long term, is he an enemy — or a potential savior?

If Western Civilization is destroyed, it won’t be because Russia continues to bully Ukraine, as it has been doing forever. It will be due to corrosive forces Putin stands against. In his speech at the Valdai Forum last October, he compared our woke rulers to the Bolsheviks who brought hell to earth in Russia:

“After the 1917 revolution, the Bolsheviks, relying on the dogmas of Marx and Engels, also said that they would change existing ways and customs, and not just political and economic ones, but the very notion of human morality and the foundations of a healthy society. The destruction of age-old values, religion, and relations between people, up to and including the total rejection of family (we had that, too), encouragement to inform on loved ones – all this was proclaimed progress and, by the way, was widely supported around the world back then and was quite fashionable, same as today. By the way, the Bolsheviks were absolutely intolerant of opinions other than theirs.”

The only difference between Bolsheviks and today’s liberals is that cancel culture for the former entailed prison camps and firing squads from the beginning.

“The fight for equality and against discrimination has turned into aggressive dogmatism bordering on absurdity, when the works of the great authors of the past – such as Shakespeare – are no longer taught at schools or universities, because their ideas are believed to be backward. The classics are declared backward and ignorant of the importance of gender or race. In Hollywood, memos are distributed about proper storytelling and how many characters of what color or gender should be in a movie. This is even worse than the agitprop department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.”

It truly is worse, because the ultimate objective of political correctness is the eradication of our kind. It is an attack on sanity itself.

“Anyone who dares mention that men and women actually exist, which is a biological fact, risks being ostracized. ‘Parent number one’ and ‘parent number two,’ ‘birthing parent’ instead of ‘mother,’ and ‘human milk’ replacing ‘breastmilk’ because it might upset the people who are unsure about their own gender. I repeat, this is nothing new; in the 1920s, the so-called Soviet Kulturtraegers also invented some newspeak believing they were creating a new consciousness and changing values that way.”

Contrived new consciousnesses invariably produce horrors.

“Not to mention some truly monstrous things when children are taught from an early age that a boy can easily become a girl and vice versa. That is, the teachers actually impose on them a choice we all supposedly have. They do so while shutting the parents out of the process and forcing the child to make decisions that can upend their entire life.”

A current case in point is the 12-year-old in Florida whom school officials were grooming for a gender transition. The parents didn’t find out about this social engineering project until their child attempted suicide.

Putin wants Russia to become a beacon for conservativism and traditionalism to counter the degeneracy of the liberals who rule the West.

“[I]n shaping our approaches, we will be guided by a healthy conservatism. … Now, when the world is going through a structural disruption, the importance of reasonable conservatism as the foundation for a political course has skyrocketed – precisely because of the multiplying risks and dangers, and the fragility of the reality around us.”

In America, reverence for individual liberty is inherent in conservativism, it being the basis of our nation as originally founded. Regrettably, this is not true in Russia, which has no golden age of freedom to look back upon.

Still less do we have any freedom to look forward to if progressives succeed in destroying our traditions and replacing them with a morally depraved authoritarian collectivist system based on identity politics.

Hat tip: Jordan Peterson.


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