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Apr 01 2024

Joe Biden Head to Be Removed

Before moonbattery, we had great leaders, whom we commemorated with public statues. The liberal establishment egged on Black Lives Matter mobs to tear these statues down. It would be hard to imagine anyone putting up a statue of our current “leader,” the senile corruptocrat chosen as the figurehead for the forces deliberately destroying our country. Yet a statue in Wyoming is known as the Joe Biden head:

The sculpture has a name — “Exhaling Dissolution” — but most everyone around Laramie knows it as the Biden head because they say it bears an uncanny resemblance to the current U.S. president.

Residents try to ignore the monstrosity and are glad it will be removed next month.

[Hannah] Blair said that she, like many other locals, has always been baffled by what the statue is supposed to represent and why it was deemed appropriate for Laramie or anywhere in Wyoming.

She thinks the artist was trying to convey a message about a need for equality.

Good guess, but creator Sarah Deppe of Iowa…

…has said that the sculpture is a commentary of the huge levels of pollution humans gorge out into the environment.

She denies that the head represents Creepy Joe. Yet the empty-eyed mouth-breathing stare does call Biden to mind:

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