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Sep 25 2023

John Fetterman Weeps With Self-Pity

Even now, our Democrat rulers still manage to hit new lows, which the liberal media celebrates:

In a Thursday hearing on disability access held by the Senate Special Committee on Aging, Sen. John Fetterman (D-Penn.) teared up while recounting his experiences after a stroke last year impacted his ability to process language. While speaking before the committee, Fetterman held up his phone and showed the transcription app he uses, explaining that it “allows me to fully participate in this meeting and conversations with my children and interacting with my staff.”

The mental patient Fetterman is so cognitively disabled that he cannot hold a conversation without technological assistance.

You could feel sorry for the guy if he wasn’t asking you to feel sorry for him — and if he didn’t impose himself on us as a senator despite his conspicuous unfitness for the position.

The liberal media spin:

Republicans and some members of the media spent much of last year framing Fetterman’s struggles after his stroke as a reason he shouldn’t become a senator. But if anything, his impassioned and personal reflections at the hearing this week show the importance of ensuring voices and experiences like his are represented in Congress.

John Fetterman is defective; therefore, he is holy according to the liberal religion.

The guy cannot even dress himself. He cannot watch television without his language-processing app. Anyone who can accomplish these tasks is more fit to be a senator that Fetterman — or as he sometimes calls himself, Fetterwoman.

If you don’t like being ruled over by a mentally defective moonbat, prepare to be crybullied for your insensitivity.

On a tip from Bluto.


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