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Mar 03 2024

Judge Blocks Texas From Making Illegal Immigration Illegal

I’ve got an idea: let’s make illegal immigration illegal. That way, we can employ our massive government to stop the largest invasion in human history and save America from eradication by demographic displacement.

Never mind; someone already thought of it:

A federal judge on Thursday granted the Biden administration’s request to temporarily block a Texas law that made illegal immigration a crime in the Lone Star State.

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott signed SB 4 into law in December. About two weeks later, the Biden Department of Justice (DOJ) announced its lawsuit, claiming “Texas cannot run its own immigration system.”

That leaves us with no immigration system. In its place, we are given an invasion system, by which traitors with express intent to commit cultural genocide leave the border wide open and distribute the invaders throughout the country at our expense.

Abbott has invoked his state’s constitutional right to defend itself and is backed by every other Republican governor except moonbatty Vermont’s Phil Scott. But reference to the US Constitution does not make for a compelling argument where activist judges are concerned.

On a tip from MrRightWingDave.


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One Response to “Judge Blocks Texas From Making Illegal Immigration Illegal”

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