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Oct 31 2023

Judge Orders Biden to Stop Destroying USA’s Defenses

In Fahrenheit 451, a dystopian story of government hostile to those it governs, firemen don’t put out fires; they start them. Similarly, under Joe Biden’s handlers, the Border Patrol does not prevent foreign invasion but facilitates it by removing barriers that have been erected to defend the country.

Refreshing sanity from the judicial branch:

Judge Alia Moses, of the U.S. Western District, ordered the Department of Homeland Security to stop ‘disassembling, degrading, tampering’ miles of the wire set up on the banks of the Rio Grande.

The focus of the lawsuit is Eagle Pass, where thousands of migrants crossed in late September and where huge crowds try to get in every day.

[Texas] sued the Biden administration last week after members of border patrol were seen cutting out sections to let border crossers in.

If sanity is to be reasserted, let’s take the next step by enforcing the law. Treason is illegal. No one has ever been more conspicuously guilty of it than Biden and Mayorkas, both of whom should be arrested at once for facilitating the largest invasion in human history.

On a tip from Ed McAninch.


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