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Oct 31 2020

Kamala Harris Introduced as Next President of USA

It’s the Harris/Biden ticket, all right. In Fort Worth yesterday, Rebecca Acuña, Texas state director for the Joe Biden campaign, introduced Kamala Harris as the “next president of the United States.”

Given the context, this had to be a Freudian slip. Trump has recently warned that Biden would step down almost immediately to let Kamala Harris rule. Even if Biden stays in office as a figurehead, it is unlikely that he will be calling any shots, given his weakness and cognitive decline.

Leftists believe some silly things, but no one could believe that Joe Biden is up to the presidency. If the packaging is as unappealing as the nasty corruptocrat Biden, imagine how awful the product they are trying to hide must be.

According to nonpartisan GovTrack, Harris is the furthest-left member of the Senate, which considering the radicalization of the Democrat Party is quite an accomplishment.

Not even Democrat voters find her appealing. Her presidential candidacy collapsed before primary voting started. So the powers behind her run Biden as a dummy candidate.

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