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Sep 15 2020

Kamala Harris Refers to “Harris Administration”

Kamala Harris went down like a lead balloon prior to the primaries. She had to drop out early, even before the caucuses in Iowa, where she was polling around 3%. Yet she has been installed as the de facto Democrat presidential candidate, with the doddering Joe Biden serving only as a figurehead who will be set aside as superfluous once the election is over.

Legal Insurrection sums up Biden’s candidacy:

Clearly, former Vice President Joe Biden is struggling cognitively. He’s not sure what office he’s running for, who he’s running with, what year it is, nor can he formulate his own responses without a teleprompter.

No one, not even Biden himself, expects him to run for a second term should he win (or otherwise gain) the presidency, and few believe he will manage to hold out much past the inauguration should he win.

Biden knows he will never be POTUS in any meaningful sense:

His running mate knows it too. From AZ Central:

Harris said a Democratic administration, which she called “a Harris administration together with Joe Biden,” would provide $100 billion in low-interest loans and investments for minority-owned businesses [etc etc etc].

No bait and switch scam has ever been more obvious. Vote for the familiar, harmless-looking alleged moderate. Get the power-mad harpy with the farthest left 2019 voting record in the entire US Senate.

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