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Nov 06 2021

Kamala Harris: Track Trees by Race to Impose Equity

Woke propaganda converges on a single main narrative: inherently evil pale people oppress inherently good dark people. The idea that the climate is somehow a problem and that leftists can fix it through Big Government if given enough power and money is a central tenet of the liberal religion. But even this is subordinated to racism through the concept of “climate justice,” according to which global warming caused primarily by pale people has a deleterious effect primarily on dark people.

That’s why one of the massive spending bills Democrats have been working to ram through designates $3 billion of our money to “tree equity,” so as to combat climate injustice.

Given the extremely low caliber of our leadership, it is possible that some our rulers believe their own rhetoric. Kamala Harris is a heartbeat away from the presidency — and the decrepit Joe Biden doesn’t have many heartbeats left in him. Try to decide whether to guffaw or gasp in horror as she asks NASA whether they can “track trees” by race in order to impose “environmental justice”:

The point is to make sure white people don’t have more trees to protect them from global warming than minorities do. Given the demographics of urban versus rural populations, there may be an imbalance. The Regime has a lot of work to do to correct this injustice.

By the way, Harris serves as Chair of the National Space Council. The ChiComs will be building cities on Mars before our moonbat rulers are done struggling to achieve tree equity.

On tips from Wiggins and Varla. Hat tip: Twitchy.


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