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May 29 2024

Kidney Transplants to Be Provided on Racial Basis

Equity and racial justice mean that if you need a kidney transplant, you had better not be white:

The Biden administration unveiled a plan that would push American hospitals to prioritize low-income patients when performing kidney transplants, a move Health and Human Services secretary Xavier Becerra says is aimed at rooting out “racial inequities” in the “transplant process.”

The policy rewards hospitals with a “health equity performance adjustment” for choosing transplant recipients based on the Biden Regime’s ideology, Cultural Marxism.

Hospitals that meet their quota [of politically favored transplant recipients] receive as much as $8,000 per transplant; those that don’t may have to pay up to $2,000 per transplant.

Money to reward compliant hospitals will be confiscated through taxation and inflation mainly from the disfavored whites who are to be last in line for transplants.

While the proposal uses income to categorize patients rather than race, Becerra made clear that the scoring system is meant to address racial concerns.

Because some races are markedly more economically productive than others, income makes a convenient proxy for race. Regardless of the euphemisms and subterfuge that characterize all things Democrat, racial favoritism is the bottom line, not conventional economic Marxism.

Our moonbat rulers will literally let us die as punishment for being white. Living under them is not tolerable, dying under them still less so.

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