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Apr 26 2021

Kids Forbidden From Selling Eggs

When government was limited, children would learn about money and how it is legitimately acquired by setting up lemonade stands. Now that government has grown out of control, children learn a different lesson by getting hit with a cease-and-desist order for selling eggs.

From greater San Antonio:

The two girls, 10-year-old Indiana and 8-year-old Phoenix, started collecting extra eggs from the chickens on their property and sold them to those in the community following the devastating Lone Star State freeze in February that roiled the region’s food supply.

These enemies of society were quickly brought into line by local authorities.

The sisters generated about $70 per week under the guidance of their father, Brian Johnson, an Army veteran, before the city of Bulverde intervened.

Johnson may wonder if he still lives in the country he signed up to fight for.

Someone in the neighborhood ratted them out. Keeping chickens is okay, but selling the eggs violates a city ordinance.

Johnson initially made the suggestion to the girls so they would be able to learn about “bank accounts” and money, he said.

What they learned about instead was how government smothers initiative.

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