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Feb 08 2024

Leftists Threaten to Target Patriots in Homes and Churches

The Black Lives Matter riots that were so exuberantly supported by the liberal establishment worked well for the Democratic Party in 2020. But in 2024, mostly peaceful protests may be more targeted:

Angry radical leftists staged a loud protest outside the Washington, D.C., headquarters of the conservative Heritage Foundation against its “Project 2025,” an initiative that aims to help conservative politicians end the power of the “Deep State” if and when Republicans prevail in the 2024 races for the White House, U.S. Senate, and U.S. House of Representatives.

The rally occurred January 27. Similar rallies will be allowed to escalate out of control if Trump continues to look likely to win.

The “Stop the Coup 2025!” protesters clearly sought to intimidate conservative staffers and politicians on Capitol Hill and throughout the nation’s capital, where memories of protests outside the homes of conservative Supreme Court Justices remain fresh in everyone’s minds.

That illegal exercise in intimidation was essentially abetted by the thugs comprising Biden’s Justice Department. Montgomery County police arrested a moonbat named Nicholas John Roske for attempted assassination. Even then, the Biden Regime did not back away from implicitly supporting these tactics.

“We need to go find out where they live, where they go to church, who they hang around with, and birddog they (sic) a—-,” one activist declared to the crowd.

Here’s what regular Americans are up against:

Bad enough having these moonbats in your neighborhood…

“It’s a horrific experience,” said one neighbor who described the protests. “They have drums, they have a megaphone, and they chant, they yell all kinds of things … They have told neighbors ‘f— you, f— your children,’ things like that – and so they’re abusive towards neighbors and intimidating.”

Worse still is having them run the increasingly intrusive federal Leviathan.

You can see why liberals are in a hebephrenic frenzy over Project 2025:

Heritage Foundation president Kevin Roberts … explained that he envisions the destruction of the administrative state, its vast political power, and the influence it holds over individual American sovereignty. “The only way to do that… is to diminish the number of unelected bureaucrats who are wielding that power instead of Congress,” he said.

Roberts stunned globalist leftists while simultaneously delighting conservatives last month while participating in a World Economic Forum (WEF) panel discussion — “What to Expect from a Possible Republican Administration?” — when he said the next Republican administration needs to reject “everything that’s ever been proposed at the World Economic Forum.”

Javier Milei isn’t the only countermoonbat willing to poke these demons in the nose. Imagine Trump — highly motivated by the corrupt establishment’s campaign against him — doing in the USA what Milei has been doing to restore freedom and prosperity in Argentina. Liberal backlash will make it clearer than ever why they do not want us to be able to defend ourselves.

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