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Aug 13 2023

Lesbian Speed-Dating Denounced as Transphobic

The progressive quest for ultimate depravity never ends, because each new milestone makes it possible to envision new extremes of moral derangement. Already we have reached the point where lesbians are guardians of relative sanity and wholesomeness:

A lesbian speed-dating event is at the centre of a transphobia row after the organiser insisted that only ‘adult human females’ can attend.

Jenny Watson, who runs the weekly London event, responded on her website to cross-dressing men demanding to take part.

‘If you are male, please refrain from coming to the events, you are not a lesbian,’ she wrote.

Ms Watson told The Mail on Sunday: ‘Last year, a person turned up sporting a purple latex outfit… and an erection.’

Ms Watson is in for it now:

[LGBT activists] accused her of being transphobic for saying that ‘lesbians don’t have penises’.

J. K. Rowling won’t be the last TERF to get canceled and erased.

In the near future, pink-haired LGBT freakazoids with surgically installed artificial genitalia will be set upon for resisting the perversions of weirdos still more grotesque.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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