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Oct 19 2021

Let’s Go Brandon Banned in Canada

We know “Let’s Go Brandon” works, because it has been banned in Canada, which is under the rule of the same sort of mendacious, mediocre, authoritarian moonbats that the slogan defies.

Shared Services Canada provides and consolidates information technology services across government departments. Apparently, it also notifies federal employees of newly codified thought crimes:

The crux of this letter to government employees:

[T]he use of the wording “Let’s Go Brandon” and any variation thereof under any circumstance is banned by the Canadian Public Service. … We have been informed that this will be [a] zero tolerance issue… Violation of this policy will be grounds for immediate dismissal without recourse or labour union representation…

A couple of years ago, we could have dismissed this letter as some kind of joke. But we live in Clown World now. Both the USA and Canada are ruled by malevolent clowns, so “Let’s Go Brandon” is a threat on both sides of the border.

As noted at PJ Media,

“Let’s Go Brandon” has very quickly morphed into something much greater than showing defiance for the doddering old man quickly shaping up to be America’s worst president since Woodrow Wilson.

“Let’s Go Brandon” is the chant for anyone sick of unconstitutional mandates, of petty authoritarianism, of bossy Karens (both in and out of government), of a chaotic border, of rising inflation, of official denials of rising inflation, of (perhaps most of all) governments everywhere that seem content to let things get worse because they don’t suffer the consequences of their own ineptitude.

The entire Anglosphere should be shouting “Let’s Go Brandon” at the top of its lungs.

Let’s see how long it takes Merrick Garland to define “Let’s Go Brandon” as domestic terrorism, on a par with concerned parents speaking out at school board meetings.

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Shared Services Canada says the letter is fake. Via National Post:

“We can confirm this message was not issued by Shared Services Canada and it does not reflect departmental policy,” said a Shared Services spokesperson.

Regardless, as of Monday the letter has been seen by more people than likely any legitimate communication ever published by Shared Services. One particular Sunday tweet by Peter McCaffrey, president of the Alberta Institute, was shared more than 6,000 times, reaching upwards of several million Twitter users.

As Mark Twain might have said, “A lie travels around the globe while the truth is putting on its shoes.” Too bad we don’t have a reliable, depoliticized mainstream media; then we would not have to resort to other means of trying to find out what’s going on.

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