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Jan 30 2024

Liberal Establishment Comes Down on Jordan Peterson

As Canada slides deeper into totalitarianism, the liberals in charge are ever less willing to tolerate dissidents like clinical psychologist, professor emeritus, and online educator Jordan Peterson. Mary Anastasia O’Grady sounds the alarm:

According to Ontario court documents, he’s been the subject of complaints since 2018 about his public statements “on topics of social and political interest, including transgender questions, racism, overpopulation, and the response to COVID-19, among others.” The complainers—none of whom seem ever to have been his patients—mainly tweeted their objections to the provincial licensing board known as the College of Psychologists of Ontario.


The board’s job is to regulate for competence, not for political views.

However, the board is part of the liberal establishment. That means its true primary purpose is to impose leftism.

In March 2020, the board warned Peterson about his “manner and tone.” Then…

In August 2022 the board wrote to Mr. Peterson on behalf of its panel of investigators about his “demeaning, degrading and unprofessional” public statements and the “harm” they could cause people. He could solve the problem, the bureaucrats said, if he would agree to attend a re-education camp of its choosing.

Peterson’s allegedly problematic manner and tone are generally thoughtful and professorial. But he is no coward. He declined to submit to demeaning political indoctrination. The board proclaimed that this refusal “may constitute professional misconduct.”

Canadian courts sided with the board, meaning that he might lose his professional credentials over thoughtcrime like this:

Court documents cite instances of name-calling politicians and his refusal to use pronouns other than those that correspond to biological sex. In May 2022, court documents say, “he commented on a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover with a plus-sized model, tweeting: ‘Sorry. Not Beautiful. And no amount of authoritarian tolerance is going to change that.’”

Liberals helpfully underscored his point by attempting to silence him.

The establishment’s main problem with Peterson is not that he is an articulate opponent of its ideology, but that he is unwilling to cower in submission.

This makes him a problem for the mob and a danger to a system that relies on cultural repression to advance its agenda.

In a free society, even those who disagree with Peterson would acknowledge his right to his opinion. Canada — the moribund canary in the coalmine of moonbattery — is not a free society.

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