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Mar 05 2022

Liberal Establishment’s Elie Mystal Calls Constitution Trash

Authoritarian leftists have seized control of virtually every institution in American society. Even the American Medical Association and the Salvation Army have been subverted into platforms for Marxist indoctrination. The only thing that keeps liberty alive is the Constitution. Progressives have it in their crosshairs.

As difficult as it is to take ABC’s The View seriously, gullible women watch it and then vote. Here’s what they are imbibing:

Elie Mystal, writer over at The Nation and frequent contributor on MSNBC and other liberal news outlets, went on The View and proudly proclaimed that the Constitution is trash.

“Trash” was his actual word:

The Constitution is garbage, because it was written by “slavers, colonists, and misogynists” — i.e., white men, who founded the country and who are inherently evil according to liberal establishment doctrine. It wasn’t written by people who “looked like” the human Q-tip Elie Mystal; therefore, the Constitution is worthless.

In the longer clip below, we can watch the audience burst into applause as Mystal recounts what he would like to accomplish by sweeping the Constitution aside, including nationalizing medicine, abolishing the Electoral College and the right of self-defense, and seizing control of police and elections at the federal level:

Direct existential threats to America abound. Despite the current media obsession, they don’t come from Russia.

On a tip from Varla.


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