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May 08 2023

Liberal Media Grasps Horror of Abortion

The lefties at Vox have had a sudden epiphany and now understand the horror of inflicting painful death on unwanted babies — baby chickens, that is:

While the female chicks go on to lay the more than 1.2 trillion eggs humans consume annually, 6.5 billion male chicks each year are hatched, only to be quickly snuffed out. That’s because they don’t lay eggs, so they’re of no use to the egg industry, and because they don’t grow as big and fast as other chicken breeds, they’re of no use to the chicken meat industry.

How heartless of the poultry industry to kill baby chickens merely because they are inconvenient. Only 742,000 male chicks are born per hour. Couldn’t they be housed in zoos?

The insufficiently woke USA “is lagging years behind Europe” when it comes to addressing the moral dilemma of culling chicks.

[A] number of European countries, including Germany and France, have gone so far as to ban the practice, giving hatcheries and egg producers a few options: raise male chicks for meat (albeit inefficiently), raise “dual-purpose” breeds (ones that lay a relatively moderate number of eggs and grow to a moderate size), import hens from neighboring countries, or shut down operations.

Putting domestic producers out of work while importing the product from other countries should do the job; that’s how the Biden Regime prevents oil from causing global warming. Shutting down poultry operations altogether would be better still, because eating food rather than insects also causes global warming.

But there’s another option: They can use emerging technology to identify the sex of the chick while still in the egg so they can destroy it before it hatches, before the chick can feel pain.

For chicken abortion to be humane, “healthcare” providers have to act fast:

Scientists believe that chick embryos could potentially feel pain as early as day seven of their 21-day incubation period.

Meanwhile, bills to protect human babies old enough to feel pain from being ripped to pieces in the womb evoke shrieks of hebephrenic rage from liberals, who comprise Vox’s readership.

Good thing for moonbats that moral depravity provides immunity against irony.

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