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Jun 08 2021

Lincoln Project Compares Antifa to D-Day Troops

Our supposed Commander in Chief celebrated the 77th anniversary of D-Day on Sunday by ignoring it while hyping a race riot that happened 100 years ago because it supports the critical race theory narrative that America is bad because white people are bad. The self-styled “conservative” leftists at the Lincoln Project, who did all they could to help Biden to power when they weren’t too busy indulging in gay sexual harassment and financial shenanigans, actually managed to top his antipatriotism by comparing D-Day troops to Antifa Brownshirts, who absurdly portray themselves as “antifascist”:

Antifa militants are like D-Day troops in the same sense that the Lincoln Project is conservative. As The Blaze notes, they are not heroes but cowards:

They habitually attack victims from behind — and then run away. They do their fighting in groups and typically target one individual, or at best a much smaller group to ensure their tiny victories.

But when face to face with a larger group of opponents, they are rather easily defeated.

In short, Antifa militants are bullies — and when it comes down to it, sissies.

To the extent you can say that these vermin fight, they fight to tear down America, not defend it. They are the diametric opposite of the Greatest Generation.

Fascistic Antifa “antifascists” in action against journalist Andy Ngo.

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