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Apr 01 2024

London Celebrates Ramadan for Easter

Further confirmation that Britain’s capital city has fallen:

Ramadan lights on display across central London over the Easter weekend [have] prompted concern…

Lights in Oxford Street and between Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square were switched on earlier this month by London mayor Sadiq Khan.

As noted earlier,

According to the song that pertained during the dark days of the Blitz, there will always be an England. This is turning out not to be true. But at least there will be a Britainistan.

Until recently, British culture was among the greatest in human history. So was Egyptian culture. Egypt’s greatness lasted for millennia. But then it succumbed to Islamic conquest and was eradicated. The same thing is currently happening in England.

Not everyone was pleased:

In the USA too, Easter has been shoved aside in favor of the replacement religion, which in America’s case is the straightforward worship of depravity.

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