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Mar 11 2023

Los Angeles Times Blames Whites for Car Smog

According to the media and education establishments, whites are bad because they are oppressors; identity groups favored by Democrats are good because they are oppressed. This applies to all aspects of existence, even the smog that characterizes Los Angeles, according to a recent excretion of the LA Times:

The article, by Sammy Roth, comments on a recent study by scholars at the University of Southern California who found that “all else equal, tracts whose residents drive less are exposed to more air pollution, as are tracts with a less-White population.”

State and local government alone spends hundreds of $billions per year on higher education. This money is extracted from us forcibly through taxation and inflation. You can see why so much of the funding has to be on a coercive basis; few would pay for this pernicious nonsense voluntarily.

The study blamed urban planning that put freeways through black and Latino neighborhoods (though there may be a cause-and-effect problem, as neighborhoods with freeways may be more affordable and convenient for black and Latino households migrating to the city to find jobs and opportunities).

The effect of this moonbattery is not only to whip up hostility against scapegoated whites in accordance with cultural Marxism, but to cause economic dysfunction:

Recently, a major cargo freeway expansion was canceled in L.A. due to the supposedly racist effects of building it, despite the possible negative effects on the local economy.

The tasteless joke serving as Secretary of Transportation agrees that roads are racist, as are bridges. The malevolent lunatics who rule over us are driven by a bizarre ideology.

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