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Oct 28 2021

Majority in France Acknowledge Soft Genocide

The apparent purpose of leftist immigration policy is to eradicate Western Civilization by eradicating the people who created it — namely, Caucasians.

Pointing out that the strategy is working would get any member of the establishment canceled immediately. It led to this site being blacklisted by both Google AdSense and Taboola, the ad revenue owed to it being confiscated in the name of wokeness.

Imagine someone on any radio station or cable channel pointing out that massive Third World immigration, miscegenation, and cratering Western birth rates thanks to feminism and moral decay will inevitably lead to there being no more white people and that this may not be entirely good. If someone started to tell the truth about soft genocide, your TV screen would go to a test pattern until the thought criminal had been hauled off and gagged.

Yet people know it is true. In France, only a minority believe that Europeans are not likely to become extinct as they are displaced by massive immigration from Africa:

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