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May 29 2024

Man Wins Best Actress Award at Cannes

Maybe the moonbats are right that we live in a patriarchy. Men usurp everything — even best actress awards:

Transgender performer Karla Sofia Gascon — a biological male who identifies as female — won best actress at the Cannes Film Festival over the weekend.

“Biological male.” Please. Next we will be required to say “biological human.”

Considering that the award was no doubt granted for the purpose of social engineering, it should come as no surprise that he gave a lengthy acceptance speech consisting of belligerent crybullying:

Gascon said, “To every trans person suffering every f***ing day with hate. With hatred … they denigrate us … this is for you,” the [Telegraph] reported, adding that Gascon also preemptively pushed back against “terrible” critics’ potential backlash over choosing a trans performer and told them, “Change, you bast**ds.”

I wonder what his 13-year-old daughter thinks of this disgusting spectacle. The chance at a normal, healthy life has likely been self-indulgently stolen from her in the name of the sickest ideology ever devised.

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