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Oct 02 2023

Marylander Laphonza Butler Picked for California Senate

You may not have to be a California resident to qualify as California Senator, but as Gavin Newsom announced in advance, you do have to be a black woman. This rules out 94% of the population. From there, he narrowed the field further to a black woman who is publicly homosexual and of course radically left-wing. Out of this pool, he chose the one most conspicuously devoted to evil, pro-abortion militant Laphonza Butler.

Butler is president of ultraleft EMILY’s List, a PAC that exists to promote the killing of unborn children. It is now helping her pretend she doesn’t live on the opposite side of the country:

“FEC filings from EMILY’s List record Laphonza Butler’s residence as Silver Springs, Maryland as recently as 31 days ago,” said FEC analyst Rob Pyers. “FPPC and FEC filings indicate that soon-to-be California Senator Laphonza Butler hasn’t been a resident of the state for over two years.”

Pyers noted that EMILY’s List was already cleaning up their website to hide where Butler allegedly lives. The organization removed the following line from their website: “She lives in Maryland with her partner Neneki Lee and their daughter Nylah.”

Surely Pyers would not be such a racist sexist homophobe as to suggest that residency requirements pertain to a Left-Wing Lesbian of Color.

If you like her fellow explicit identity politics selections Kamala Harris and Ketanji Brown Jackson, you will love Laphonza Butler. She personifies both race/sex favoritism and the war on morality, making her the ideal Democrat.

Also, she was a union leader for the infamously pernicious SEIU.

As for political experience, Newsom describes Laphonza as “a trusted adviser to Vice President Harris.” Experience conducting trainwrecks will be helpful if Democrats continue to consolidate power.

Look out, Michelle Obama; you could have competition after Democrats dump Biden next year.

On tips from seaoh, ABC of the ANC, and Chris Neilson.


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