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Dec 17 2021

Massachusetts Virtually Bans Eggs

There is nothing moonbats won’t take away from you in the name of their twisted, antihuman ideology. Not even the basic staples of human existence — like eggs.

The Blaze reports:

In 2016, Massachusetts voters overwhelmingly passed an animal treatment measure that, in part, made it illegal to sell eggs born of hens with less than 1.5 square feet of floor space in their enclosure. Now that decision, scheduled to take effect in 2022, is coming home to roost — and it’s threatening to wipe out the supply of eggs in the state.

The legislation is expected to decrease the Bay State’s egg supply by about 90% when it takes effect on the first of the year. The situation could get worse still as egg producers are driven into bankruptcy or out of the state.

However, eggs will still be available to our moonbat rulers no matter how extravagant the price, because they know how to monetize power. That’s why they don’t mind the inflation their policies cause.

The new standards, which apply to all egg products, cover eggs imported from other states, as well.

Similar moonbattery will soon make bacon all but unattainable in California.

Once liberalism has achieved critical mass in a given region, no extreme of tyranny is too insane to find public support.

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