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Apr 22 2022

Math Education Replaced by Moonbattery

Certain sacrifices will need to be made to achieve woke utopia. For example, we will have to give up mathematics:

Homing in on social justice issues in math education might be just what U.S. curriculum needs, according to The National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM).

NCSM is dedicated to training math teachers in the USA and Canada. It issued a statement entitled “Mathematics Education Through the Lens of Social Justice: Acknowledgment, Actions, and Accountability” that emphasizes the need for math education that “interrogates and challenges the roles power, privilege, and oppression play in the current unjust system of mathematics education—and in society as a whole” — that is, math education that has nothing to do with math, but instead indoctrinates kids with corrosive left-wing ideology.

NCSM emphasized three essential pillars in revamping math education according to social justice principles, including acknowledging the “unjust system,” its “legacy in segregation and other forms of institutional systems of oppression,” and the “hard work” needed to make necessary changes.

You have to destroy the old America before you can impose a new one that is 100% devoted to woke ideology. To destroy it, turn the young against it, and you have canceled its future.

Re-conceptualizing mathematics education would involve rethinking forms of readiness measurement such as standardized testing which places Black and/or Latino students at a disadvantage compared to their White peers, according to the statement.

Standardized testing that expects students to know math is irrelevant, given the new priorities. Acknowledging the accomplishments of students who work hard and master mathematics is to be avoided, because that would “bestow privilege and marginalization leading to a differentiated and unjust mathematics education.”

If the dumbest and least motivated students can’t do it, then no student can be allowed to do it, or else we won’t have equity.

“Mathematics teachers and leaders must acknowledge that the current mathematics education system is unjust and grounded in a legacy of institutional discrimination based on race, ethnicity, class and gender,” the statement said.

That’s why the emphasis must be on “multiple mathematical histories,” “fairness,” and “civic responsibility.” It is why we already have math education increasingly epitomized by this 9th grade lesson, having to do not with math but with truly awful ultraleft poet Maya Angelou:

The first question asks students to fill in the blank to the following prompt: “Angelou was sexually abused by her mother’s ______ at age 8, which shaped her career choices and motivation for writing.” The second says, “Trying to support her son as a single mother, she worked as a pimp, prostitute and ______.”

This was a real assignment given to high schoolers in the Lincoln County R-III School District in Missouri. The full image of the assignment shows additional questions about Angelou’s hometown and professorial career at Wake Forest University, among other topics.

It isn’t just Missouri:

The same worksheet stirred controversy after being used by a Pennsylvania high school district in 2017 and a Florida middle school in 2015, according to The Associated Press.

In China, math students are not learning that it is politically incorrect to be Chinese, nor are they learning the sordid biographical details of degenerate moonbats. They are learning math. That’s why they will win.

Unless education can be purged of liberals, American society is doomed.

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