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Feb 27 2021

Matt Christiansen on the Smith College Hate Hoax

Hate crimes are a major component of the liberal narrative. Like the rest of the narrative, this component is a lie. Despite the large number of hate hoaxes, the number of reported hate crimes has actually been going down.

Matt Christiansen lifts the lid on the phony hate crime phenomenon, with a focus on the absurd spectacle at outlandishly expensive Smith College:

Despite the privileged Oumou Kanoute’s lies being both easily debunked and malicious, despite nothing of significance having happened even had she been telling the truth, educrats and other liberal establishmentarians exploited the farce to ruin lives and inflict their pernicious ideology.

Meanwhile, as we are commanded to regard Oumou Kanoute as oppressed by racism, white students are openly regarded as an “invasive species” on college campuses.

On tips from KirklesWorth and Dragon’s Lair.


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