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Feb 25 2024

Media Calls for More Subtle View of Cannibalism

Google promotes the sexual abuse of children by demanding we be “nuanced” in our opinion of pedophilia. Likewise, New Scientist calls for a “more subtle view” of the next taboo social engineers plan to normalize, cannibalism:

Ethically, cannibalism poses fewer issues than you might imagine. If a body can be bequeathed with consent to medical science, why can’t it be left to feed the hungry?

If you disapprove of cannibalism, you don’t care about feeding the hungry. You may even be a Christian nationalist:

Our aversion has been explained in various ways. Perhaps it is down to the fact that, in Western religious traditions, bodies are seen as the seat of the soul and have a whiff of the sacred.

Worse yet, you could be a racist:

Or maybe it is culturally ingrained, with roots in early modern colonialism, when racist stereotypes of the cannibal were concocted to justify subjugation. These came to represent the “other” to Western societies – and revulsion towards cannibalism became a tenet of their moral conscience.

Anyone not get it yet that woke ideology is pure evil?

Progressives progress. It’s what they do. After homosexualizing children and normalizing pedophilia, continuing to push the envelope won’t be easy.

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