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Jan 12 2024

Media Predicts the End of Snow Again

To justify engineering the coming energy crisis, Democrats present dogma that cannot pass the laugh test. Check out this actual January 8, 2024 headline from Bloomberg:

Don’t Be Fooled, Snow Is Becoming a Thing of the Past

Tell that to anyone living in the Midwest, which has been getting hammered by way too much snow as well as hoax-defying “dangerously cold” temperatures.

Ten years ago, a New York Times headline shrieked,

The End of Snow?

By now we have a definitive answer: no.

Yet our moonbat rulers continue to double down on the hysteria, distracting the gullible from their systematic destruction of the country by convincing them that energy will make the pretty snow melt away. Dates are altered on their predictions of doom as dictated by circumstance.

David Blackmon touches base with reality:

For the record, the amount of snowfall in any discreet regional area has always ebbed and flowed as the climate and temperatures and amount precipitating moisture in the air around us have always fluctuated.

The same goes for all aspects of the climate. If the media can make us forget this and panic over every minor fluctuation, we are a herd of cattle and deserve the fate that awaits us at the stockyards leftists are driving us toward.

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