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Feb 25 2023

Media Pushes Phony Chick-fil-A Racial Slur

Chick-fil-A is associated with Christians and therefore hated by liberals. Despite appalling efforts to pander to moonbats, Chick-fil-A has never been able to win them over, because their ideology requires outsiders to target, demonize, and focus hatred upon, and Chick-fil-A has been cast in that role. At last they have actual evidence of the ultimate thoughtcrime — antiblack racism — to hang around Chick-fil-A’s neck. A low-level employee accidently misspelled a customer’s name as “Niger,” which is only one letter away from the blasphemy beyond all other blasphemies, the untypable N-word:

A Charlotte family is taking legal action against Chick-Fil-A after an employee put a racial slur on their receipt.

An incident like this should be worth $millions. It could take whole weeks of high living to flush all the jackpot justice loot down the toilet.

“I was just in shock. I literally parked right there, I couldn’t eat the food,” said Nyiashia Jackson as she looked over to the Chick-fil-A parking lot.

The 19-year-old was appalled by what she found when she picked up her food. The name on that receipt wasn’t Nyiashia’s. It was the “N-word” spelled with one G.

The N-word spelled with one G is “Niger,” an African country with a population of over 23 million. In the video accompanying the WCCB Charlotte story, as in other news reports, this word is blurred, lest it offend.

In its desperate effort to find some evidence to prop up its absurd ideology, the media has plunged headlong into self-parody.

Chick-fil-A is characteristically groveling obsequiously over the harmless error. Its apologies are not accepted by Nyiashia’s mother April, who wants not only money but for the employee to be fired. It must not have occurred to her that the employee might be black.

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