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Oct 10 2022

Mexican Criminal Cartel Profits up 2,500% Thanks to Biden

The economic pain of letting Biden’s leftist handlers take power has been severe. The Dow Jones is down about 1,600 points since Creepy Joe’s inauguration. Inflation is a crippling 8.5%. Because there is no indication that they will stop doubling down on their destructive policies, there is no hope that the economy will improve until Democrats are removed from power. Yet some make out quite well even now. The open border means big profits for Mexico’s criminal cartels:

The US Department of Homeland Security reports that the Mexican cartels’ income from smuggling illegal migrants into America has soared from $500 million in 2018 to $13 billion this year — up 2,500%.

Also up: Border Patrol apprehensions — by a staggering 377% since Biden took power.

Biden made it clear that the entire world is welcome to invade. Illegals who are captured are allowed to stay. Every impoverish village in the Third World knows it. Thus the deluge of undocumented Democrats.

The USA cannot sustain this. Nor is it intended to. America is racist, capitalist, and bad. It must be eradicated and replaced — or as Barack Obama put it, fundamentally transformed.

Ironically, many of the invaders are from Venezuela, which was the wealthiest country in Latin America until people with similar ideology took power and destroyed the economy.

Fourteen House Republicans wrote Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Sept. 23 to complain that “between October 2021 and July 2022, more than 130,000 Venezuelan nationals were encountered after entering the United States illegally.” The Marxist Nicolás Maduro regime, they added, “is deliberately releasing violent prisoners early, including inmates convicted of ‘murder, rape and extortion,’ and pushing them to join caravans heading to the United States.”

Also facilitating profits for the cartels is the despair associated with Democrat rule. This has increased the demand for drugs smuggled across the open border.

Fentanyl killed some 71,000 Americans in 2021, up 23% versus 2020. For those aged 18 to 45, fentanyl leads COVID-19, car wrecks, suicides and every other cause of death. …

Under Trump, Border Patrol’s fentanyl seizures for FY 2019 and ’20 (through August 31) totaled 7,595 pounds. Under Biden’s equivalent dates in FY ’21 and ’22: 24,062 pounds — up 217%.

If the federal government has one duty that justifies its existence, it is defense of the border. So long as it willfully neglects this duty, it is not a legitimate government. Because we get nothing in return, the fortunes it extracts from us are not taxation but theft.

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