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Apr 12 2021

Michigan and the Covid Conundrum

They call it the Covid Conundrum. Why is it that the states that lock down the hardest to fight the ChiCom virus have the highest infection rates?

The answer could not possibly be that lockdowns make the situation worse, as many have known for some time. So the media depletes the dregs of its credibility by pushing improbable theories to explain why Covid is going away in relatively free states like Texas.

Meanwhile, the worst state for Covid is Michigan, where Cruella Whitmer has inflicted all manner of arbitrary decrees, at one point even banning the purchase of garden seeds.

Speaking of Michigan,

A top aide to Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer vacationed in Florida after the governor urged residents against traveling amid worst-in-the-nation Covid transmission rates in the state.

Tricia Foster, the governor’s chief operating officer, posted photos to Facebook of herself vacationing in Siesta Key earlier this week.

The compulsion to show off on Fakebook overwhelms even the survival instinct. Foster was put in charge of the vaccine rollout strategy, so she ought to have some clue regarding coronavirus politics.

“This is a partisan attack from a garbage white nationalist website,” [Whitmer] spokesman Bobby Leddy said in a statement.

I should have guessed that white nationalist fiends were responsible for exposing this valiant public servant to the ridicule of the little people. The reference is apparently to Breitbart.

Michigan has led the nation in Covid-19 cases for seven consecutive weeks, and is now reporting over 7,000 coronavirus infections per day.

This comes after a solid year of some of the most draconian Covid restrictions in the country. Yet again we see that tyranny is an end in itself, and ineffective to serve any other end.

Whitmer frets that people might travel to the free state Florida and bring back Covid. Florida has been demonized by authoritarians as a result of DeSantis handling the virus much more effectively than the moonbat tyrants running states like California, New York, and Michigan. The media became enraged; 60 Minutes launched a smear job at DeSantis so defamatory that it blew up in their faces. The Whitmer Administration is safe from 60 Minutes smear jobs, but not from the incompetence and arrogance that characterize liberal rule.

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