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Oct 27 2020

Microsoft Moonbat Calls for More Democrat Viciousness

Emily Freeman, Microsoft’s Principal Cloud Advocate and Modern Operations Advocacy Manager, said so much about the mentality of today’s Democrats in a single tweet that she had to take her account private (although it is still available here). Via the National Pulse:

Exactly how much money do I need to give the Democratic Party for them to pull their sh[**] together?

Get angry.

Get mean.

Get low.

We care about people. Awesome.

That doesn’t mean we can’t occasionally slide a knife between some [***]hole’s ribs.

This less than civil message resonated with her coworkers:

Fellow Microsoft employees, including Program Manager Alex Dupler, appeared to endorse Freeman’s tweet, asking “where do I sign up?

Big Tech has overcome the liberal establishment news media to become the primary gatekeeper controlling what information is publicly available. It has a political agenda that it pursues ham-fistedly.

People like Emily Freeman will be scarier still if they are able to exploit the Democrat Party to achieve coercive power over the unwoke little people in flyover country.

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