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Feb 12 2024

Military Security Standards Sacrificed to DEI

You can have national security, or you can have rule by moonbats. You can’t have both:

Britain’s armed forces have consistently failed to hit recruitment targets and are looking overseas to boost ethnic minority representation…

If you fail to see a problem with the British Army consisting of British soldiers, you are a racist.

Leftist social engineers want nonwhite foreign officers. Yet according to a leaked document, the British Army “struggles to attract talent from ethnic minority backgrounds into the officer corps.” The document…

…outlines a series of “actions” to boost representation and describes security clearance vetting as being “the primary barrier to non-UK personnel gaining a commission in the Army”.

It vows to “challenge SC [security clearance] requirements” to boost representation in the intelligence and officer corps, positions which have “uncontrolled access to secret assets”.

Meanwhile, Britain has been importing numberless hordes of Muslims from the Third World. Their loyalty to the remnants of infidel England in the likely event of a major war in the Middle East can hardly be taken for granted.

As 12 former senior military officers wrote in a letter to Defence Secretary Grant Shapps,

“The Russians, Iranians and Chinese will be observing our descent into self-hatred and obsessing over diversity and inclusion with glee.”

As for the sort of guys you would actually want in the military, they are driven away by having the nauseating ideology of the degenerate ruling class rammed down their throats:

The Telegraph investigation has found that servicemen are told that they must complete mandatory unconscious bias training, are warned against “microaggressions” such as misusing people’s pronouns, and are encouraged to introduce their own pronouns.

Across the Atlantic, the US Navy will no longer require recruits to have a high school diploma or GED, due to a recruiting crisis. For some reason, the best and the brightest do not want to lay their lives on the line to fight for the rainbow flag under Commander in Chief Joe Biden.

On tips from Steve T and ABC of the ANC.


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