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Jul 09 2023

Misogyny on Display at London Trans+ Pride Freak Show

Feminists are correct that some men hate women. Misogynists took to the streets of London yesterday at a disturbing spectacle called Trans+ Pride:

A TERF is a woman who refuses to give men credit for being women. Here a guy in a dress waving the flag of a terrorist outfit explicitly calls for violence against them:

Considering his history, this guy’s threats should be taken seriously:

Sarah Jane Baker … told the cheering crowd: ‘I was gonna come here and be really fluffy and be really nice and say yeah be really lovely and queer and gay… Nah, if you see a TERF, punch them in the f****** face.’ …

Baker was originally jailed for kidnapping and torturing [his] stepmother’s brother, [he] was then convicted while behind bars of the attempted murder of another inmate. [He] was released in 2019.

It’s almost as if there were some kind of link between psychosis and believing yourself to be a member of the opposite sex.

Another Trans+ Pride participant proclaimed that transsexual freakazoids are deities to be worshiped, which is preaching to the choir, where liberals are concerned.

On a tip from Wiggins.


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