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Mar 07 2023

MIT Anti-Free Speech Hate Hoax

Hate hoaxes are good for more than garnering the sympathy of fools. They can also be used to shut down free speech, as with flyers blaspheming against sacred sexual deviants that were found on the campus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

The incident came in the wake of a two-month-old MIT faculty resolution that defends freedom of speech and expression — even speech some find “offensive or injurious.”

Even some college professors are getting fed up with the climate of fear that prevents the free exchange of ideas.

A report released in mid-January by the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression … found that “Large portions of MIT faculty and students are afraid to express their views in various academic settings. Faculty and students are at least as afraid of each other as they are of the administration.”

Educrats being overwhelmingly left-wing, they are rarely fans of free speech, because dissident speech constitutes a challenge to their hegemony. Yet MIT appears to be moving in the right direction — infuriating moonbats.

A Feb. 23 memo from MIT administrators stated flyers posted across campus and some chalking outside a school entrance “contained slurs directly targeting the LBGTQ+ community.”

MIT’s bias response team investigated, the memo added, and determined “the messages were put up by students choosing to use extreme speech to call attention to and protest what they see as the implications of” several new pro-free speech policies and efforts at the school.

That is to say, like the ideology the students were trying to defend from free speech, the flyers are a lie.

Peter Bonilla, executive director of the MIT Free Speech Alliance, said he couldn’t say for sure whether the students who posted the messages are left-leaning progressives, but added “whatever the content of the messages, whatever was being said, the point they seem to be making was that they should not have the right to say it.”

I’ll go out on a limb and say of course they were left-leaning progressives — and of course they belong on the Hate Hoax List.

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