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May 15 2024

Model Moonbat Family

There will still be families, even after woke social engineers contrive their conception of utopia upon the ashes of civilization — or rather, there will be unholy parodies of families:

A video has gone viral on X showing a ‘non-binary’ woman in a relationship with two transgender boyfriends bringing up two ‘LGBTQIA’ children. …

The threesome are in a “polyamorous relationship,” with the woman in question having decided to partner up with two men in dresses.

The woman reveals that they are bringing up a “2-year-old antegender baby” and a 10-year-old who is “non-binary,” both of whom have “they/them” pronouns.

See for yourself why losing the culture war to liberals is not an option:

How is it not child abuse to raise children in an environment defined by emersion in perversion? They are guaranteed to suffer severe psychological issues.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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