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May 28 2024

Moonbat Takes Her Baby Dancing Before Killing It

There is more to abortion than a sociopathic refusal to accept responsibility. It is a satanic perversion of the holy relationship between mother and child. This makes it sacred to moonbats, because depravity is not merely a characteristic of leftism but the main point. This explains phenomena like the viral TikTok video of a woman celebrating her latest abortion by dancing to a crass rap song under the caption, “my fetus dancing right before it was aborted.”

Via LifeSiteNews:

The video was originally posted by a girl who goes by the user name “abortioncounselor.” Her bio on TikTok reads “that girl that gets abortions.” Her whole account is flooded with pro-abortion messaging from evil jokes to personal experiences and stories from the numerous abortions the woman has received.

This is the culture countermoonbats are up against.

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