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May 27 2024

Moonbats Not Into Memorial Day

Our moonbat ruling class is less than enthusiastic about honoring the veterans who died not for the government but for the country leftists are systematically destroying:

Background on Brooke Merrell, who appears not to be caught up in the spirit of Memorial Day:

She is one of those female “firsts” who, according to her LinkedIn profile, has spent her career in government administration of one kind or another, the last 15 of those in Alaska, working her way up the chain. Her CV is chock full of left-leaning advocacy and activist work: DNA People’s Legal Services on the Navajo Nation, the City of Portland, Columbia Riverkeeper, and Gulf Islands National Seashore. As one crewman told Alaska Watchman: “When these liberals get in charge of these parks, that’s how it is.”

The next generation of liberals to be in charge is currently undergoing accreditation in the Ivy League. This was the scene at Princeton yesterday:

After Islamists have eradicated Israel with the support of liberals, guess which country comes next? Iran’s nuclear program offers a clue.

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