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May 23 2023

Motherhood Abolished Under Mandatory Transsexualism

No more whimpering for “tolerance.” Rejection of objective reality in favor of transsexual sickness is now mandatory. In woke Australia, object to a man trying to breastfeed a baby and you violate the law:

Jasmine Sussex and Standing For Women Queensland (SFWQ) were both contacted by Twitter on May 16, with the platform informing the two accounts that specific content they had posted would be censored to Australian users in order to comply with Australian law. …

All of the content referred to an Australian trans-identified male who sparked backlash last year after publicly declaring he had induced lactation and was breastfeeding his own biological son.

Regardless of the effect this will have on the child’s mental and physical health, Australians are not allowed to disapprove. In their moonbat dystopia, the very concept of motherhood has been abolished. Sussex has also been kicked out of the Australian Breastfeeding Association for using the word “mother,” because transsexuals demand everyone say “parent” instead.

Exhibit A for the prosecution, representing a viewpoint that is illegal in Australia:

The sickness moonbats would impose on society at large knows no bounds.

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2 Responses to “Motherhood Abolished Under Mandatory Transsexualism”

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