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Apr 13 2023

Mulvaney Pushback Has Cost Anheuser-Busch $6 Billion

We do not have to passively accept corporations ramming disgusting moonbattery down our throats. We can push back. The boycott of Bud Light in response to parent company AB InBev shoving the repulsive Dylan Mulvaney in our faces proves it:

Bud Light’s parent company has lost more than $6billion in market capitalization since announcing its partnership with a polarizing transgender internet personality. …

Currently at $125.73billion, the company’s market capitalization six days ago stood at $132.38 billion, as brass continue to stand by their deal with Mulvaney – an outspoken activist who has more than 10million followers on social media.

If anyone deserves a $6 billion kick in the teeth, it is Anheuser-Busch, for despising its own customer base.

Despite suggestions that top brass is unhappy with the Dylan Mulvaney debacle, showcasing the creep appears to be consistent with the prevailing mentality:

Anheuser-Busch’s vice president of communications Jennifer Morris, who locked her Twitter account in recent days, said at an industry event in 2021 that she felt it was important to “leverage our scale and resources to further conversations around DE&I [Diversity, Equity and Inclusion] and help consumers understand the difference they can make as individuals.”

Then there is the gratingly woke Alissa Gordon Heinerscheid, VP of marketing for Bud Light, who wanted to “evolve and elevate” the brand by appealing to a totally different customer base that would not be regarded as icky by Harvard types like herself.

We can’t boycott every corporation run by people who hate us, because these days they all are. But we can teach them respect by making an example of Bud Light — so long as we never back down. Once the boycott ends, it will be back to business as usual.

Already the boycott has forced liberal elitists to retreat into their inner sanctum of willful stupidity:

There is no reason to believe that the child-grooming sexual deviant Chasten Buttigieg is any brighter than his dopey “husband” Pete, but even he probably understands that the point isn’t that perverts drink Bud Light. The point is that perverts do not drink Bud Light, but that’s who Anheuser-Busch markets to anyway, in open contempt for its actual (hopefully former) customers.

Note that “civil rights” now means promoting female impersonators. That is, the term has no meaning at all. Like Bud Light, it has been poisoned by moonbattery and is no longer of any use except to moonbats.

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