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Mar 14 2021

NAACP: Reparations Payments a “Drop in the Bucket”

No matter how much favoritism and even direct cash payments are bestowed upon blacks to honor them for having increasingly distant ancestors who were oppressed, it will never be enough. Evanston, Illinois, home of Northwestern University, is actually handing people $25,000 of other people’s money on the basis of their revered skin color. The response, as predictable as the sun rising in the east, has been not thanks but a demand for more:

Rev Michael Nabors, who is the president of the Evanston NAACP, thinks $25,000 is a “drop in the bucket.”

“When it’s all said and done, however much money is raised for reparations… will only be a drop in the bucket for the suffering and the oppression that Black people experienced in this nation,” he told Newsweek.

If taxpayers don’t cough up more, another round of Black Lives Matter riots might be required to remind us how oppressed we are required to pretend blacks are.

This is not a recipe for racial harmony. But the black oppression charade was always about power and greed, not harmony.

Anything as counterproductive, wasteful, and morally abhorrent as reparations is likely to be imposed nationally by triumphant Democrats:

Biden supports the creation of a federal commission to study Black reparations called H.R. 40.

What’s a few more $trillion at this point? American currency will soon be worthless anyway.

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