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Feb 23 2021

Naomi Wolf Warns of Encroaching Authoritarianism

By now you must be wondering if all liberals are frauds, or if some of them are alarmed to see the erstwhile Land of the Free rapidly degenerating into authoritarianism. Given that it is no longer safe in America to speak your mind due to the merciless cancel culture, it is hard to say what people actually think, especially on the Left. Liberal feminist Naomi Wolf has shown rare nerve by speaking out about what is happening. In case you missed her on Tucker Carlson’s show last night:

As Biden’s handlers move aggressively against our fundamental rights, the Democrat Party and liberal establishment media attempt to distract us with the pretense that the threat to our liberty comes from a handful of hooligans who took advantage of scandalously lax security to storm the Capitol, as if a deranged maniac dressed in a buffalo costume is going take over the government and impose fascism.

As Ronald Reagan observed, freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. This could be the generation.

On a tip from Stormfax.


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One Response to “Naomi Wolf Warns of Encroaching Authoritarianism”

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