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Mar 29 2021

NBCUniversal Politically Censors Pro Wrestling

In a free country, culture is spontaneous. In America under liberal occupation, everything must retroactively pass through the censors to ensure that it complies with current official orthodoxy before it is deemed fit for the cultural archives. Even professional wrestling needs to be filtered for political correctness:

NBCUniversal is methodically deleting anything it deems “racist” or “risqué” from past WWE wrestling matches for its new Peacock streaming service.

One particular match that the NBC streaming service deleted is from the 1990s WrestleMania VI in which Rowdy Roddy Piper painted half his face black as he faced black wrestler Bad News Brown, according to wrestling site PWInsider.

If Roddy Piper were still with us, he would not need the special glasses he wears in They Live to see that our society is under the domination of malevolent aliens. Piper did say that the movie is actually a documentary.

A portion of Piper’s comments in a prefight interview was also excised. Piper said, “I hear Bad News Brown, how he’s talking about Harlem, and how he’s proud to be from Harlem. Now I can stand here, and I can be black! I can be white! Don’t make no difference to me. … It’s what’s inside.”

This contradicts critical race theory, according to which your racial group is your only meaningful characteristic. Attempts to assert individuality go down the memory hole at NBCUniversal.

According to the New York Post, Peacock is reviewing all 17,000 hours of its WWE catalog to look for “racist” content to delete.

Winston Smith would have no problem finding a job in the USSA. There is no limit to content that must be reviewed for thought crimes. As soon as the censors get through it all, they will have to start over again. Leftist orthodoxy constantly evolves toward ever more ludicrous extremes of rigidity. Positions held by prominent Democrats a decade ago would get people canceled today.

The same sort of censors will soon go through every movie Hollywood produced during its Golden Age.

Here’s a clip that will make the censors’ heads explode.

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